The effective volume of reduction of obsolete packaging, production waste and other waste (recyclable) materials through press systems provides space and lowers costs. In addition, separation and proper pre-sorting of materials for recycling protects the environment.

Systematic compaction of recyclable fractions with DIXI press systems

Strong Pillars for the Future In addition to the product area HUMUS mulching technology, in the mid 1970s the foundation was established for another mainstay. With a cooperation partner the firm started producing balers for reducing the volume of cardboard boxes, foils, etc., under the DIXI brand. The development and production of the press systems was executed in-house at Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen. In the 1990s the sales organization was likewise taken over by Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen and further extended.
The product range manufactured in large-scale production extends from the 4t vertical press to the 80t horizontal press with automatic binding.

The clearly increasing environmental consciousness and the noticeable pervasiveness of recycling concepts provided the impetus to concentrate in the direction of environmental technology.

Through strong sales activities and direct contact with customers important impulses for the DIXI model range emerged. Today Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen presents the »DIXI press systems for volume reduction of recyclable fractions« – profitable for the user and practically tailored to the requirements of modern waste management.

The mandatory take-back anchored in the »dual system« and other statutory regulations increasingly demand the economy and society to act. Waste avoidance is the order of the day. Today up to 80 percent of waste materials can already be supplied as recyclable fractions for practical reprocessing. Recycling is considered as the exigency of our time. Within this overall economic framework, rethinking in the direction of futureoriented concepts and new ways of recycling are required.

Reduce and win

is the approach Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen recommends to the parties concerned. Production waste and »spent« raw materials, such as cardboard, paper, foil, plastics, sheet metal containers and drums are recyclable fractions:

Systematic compaction of these items into compact bales

  • Saves personnel costs for handling of the materials
  • Ensures optimal utilization of trucks, reduced CO2 emission and saves transport costs
  • Among other things, it assures profits due to sorted recycling of these fractions

The cost savings achieved through planned volume reduction pays off – savings of up 60% and more are possible.


The system thought

behind the DIXI program aims at individual solutions for every customer requirement. The extensive press product line, with a well differentiated capacity offering covers a broad spectrum of different applications:

  • Compact hydraulic press: for efficient volume reduction where space is at a premium – with a light bale weight of approx. 30 – 50 kg
  • Hydraulic multi-chamber system for correctly sorted separation of recyclable fractions that can be extended with additional chambers as desired
  • Hydraulic »compactors« product range
  • For high capacity in a small space – with a pressing force offering ranging from 8.5 up to 80 t and bale weights between 30 and 500 kg
  • Hydraulic drum press: The special system with 25 tons of pressing force for compressing even the heaviest steel-ribbed 200 l drums
  • The hydraulic channel presses

All critical components of the DIXI SLK presses can be perfectly modified and matched for the user-specific requirements.

Volume saving 88%

The bottom line is that the investment and the use of a press system always pays off for the user.

Beyond the material benefit, the decision bears witness of future-oriented responsibility relative to our environment. Tactical management of recyclable fractions in the reuse cycle conserves resources and also saves expensive energy. The positive image enhancement effects generated by this type of environment-conscious activity should not be underestimated. Moreover, clean operation and production areas have an impressive effect on customers and employees.

Trust experience

The DIXI technical consultant determines a precise needs analysis for you, and the individual DIXI Service guarantees that you can quickly start using your custom-tailored press system.

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